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19mm Irrigation Supply Pipe

19mm irrigation supply pipes are the heart of large-scale garden watering systems, ensuring effective water transportation from your tap across extended garden areas. The 19mm supply pipes are an excellent choice over the 13mm variant when connecting a higher number of emitters or when longer pipe runs are needed. This ensures reduced pressure loss and higher flow, facilitating a more effective irrigation system.

Like its 13mm counterpart, the 19mm supply pipe pairs with our 4mm micro supply pipe for watering individual plants, or you can directly install drip emitters and micro sprays into it. Choose our 19mm supply pipes for a robust watering solution that caters to larger garden spaces.

Crafted from durable, UV-stabilised LDPE tubing, our 19mm supply pipes are made for longevity. They match common European and International tube sizes, ensuring compatibility with various irrigation systems. Note: 19mm irrigation fittings are required for installation.

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