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Drip Line 100 Metre Roll - Long Run

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Drip line is fast becoming the go-to garden irrigation system because of its ease of installation, favoured by homeowners and professional installers alike.

This Rain Bird 100-metre drip line is an advanced professional-grade drip line made from highly flexible tube designed to water large areas of planting with ease. Pre-installed with sophisticated pressure compensating drip emitters along its entire length at 33cm intervals. This makes it ideal for rapid and easy installation of a watering system for hedgerows, flower borders, vegetable patches and many more large and dense planting areas. The specially designed drippers built into the drip line distributes water slowly and efficiently using pressure compensation, ensuring an even release of water along the entire length of the pipe.

It is best to use the Anti-Leak range of fittings with this pipe to ensure a reliable installation. 

Product Details:

  • 100 Metre length of Rain Bird drip line.
  • Advanced 2.3 litres per hour pressure compensating drippers every 33cm.
  • Extra flexible tubing for fast and easy installation.
  • Even release of water from the first dripper to the last.
  • Ideal for long length installations like hedgerows and large borders.
  • Dual layered tubing provides resistance to UV damage and algae growth.

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