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DB 13mm Connector Combo Pack

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  • Connector combo pack with essential fittings for irrigation systems.
  • Contains 13mm double barb connectors compatible with 13mm irrigation tube.
  • High retention double barb feature ensures long-term reliability.
  • Available in two pack sizes - DB Small Pack and DB Large Pack.
  • Made from UV-stable material for long life in the sun.
  • Includes ratchet clamps for securing fittings to 13mm supply pipe (15-16mm OD).
  • Fully compatible with Hozelock, Claber and Gardena watering systems.

To make ordering easy, we have put together a connector combo pack containing all the essential fittings typically used when installing irrigation systems. These are 13mm double barb connectors that are compatible with 13mm irrigation supply pipe, 13mm drip line and 13mm soaker hose. The double barb feature of these fittings ensures high retention for long-term reliability. Great for tradesmen wanting to reduce callbacks to client projects.

*Note: Ratchet clamps will not work with soaker hose.

DB Small Pack Contents:

  • 10x DB Elbow Connector 13mm
  • 4x DB Tee Connector 13mm
  • 4x DB Stop End Connector 13mm
  • 2x DB Straight Connector 13mm
  • 40x Supply Pipe Ratchet Clamp 13mm (15-16mm OD)

DB Large Pack Contents:

  • 25x DB Elbow Connector 13mm
  • 8x DB Tee Connector 13mm
  • 8x DB Stop End Connector 13mm
  • 4x DB Straight Connector 13mm
  • 90x Supply Pipe Ratchet Clamp 13mm (15-16mm OD)

All the connectors in this pack are made from UV stable material for long life in the sun. To fit, simply push 13mm pipe over the tapered barb on the fitting. Secure the pipe to the fitting with the ratchet clamp.

Product Details:

  • Fits 13mm irrigation supply pipe and 13mm soaker hose.
  • Double tapered/barbed fittings for ease of installation and reliability.
  • Ratchet Clamps; used to secure fittings to 13mm supply pipe.
  • Made from UV stable material for a long life.
  • Range suits common European and International tube sizes.
  • Fully compatible with Hozelock watering systems.