Rain Bird RZX 4 Zone Irrigation Timer - Outdoor


Product Info

The Rain Bird RZX 4 Zone outdoor irrigation timer is a user-friendly and powerful controller. This is the ideal solution for residential landscapes and small commercial applications. The RZX controller provides zone based set up that is easy to understand, even for untrained users. This is a great controller for irrigation installers to fit for their clients as it provides flexible scheduling the professional would expect, with easy scheduling of up to 6 watering cycles per day. Every zone can be programmed independently, allowing for complete control of your garden watering system. This irrigation timer also features seasonal adjustment, allowing for a change between -90% to +100%, perfect for when the summer really heats up, or when it rains non-stop for weeks.

With a massive range of features, from simple to advanced, this irrigation timer truly is the best controller available for garden watering systems.

Product Details:

  • 4 Zone irrigation controller with 24V output.
  • Large LCD display with an easy to navigate user interface.
  • Zone based scheduling allows for independent control of each area of a garden watering system.
  • Up to 6 watering cycles per day per zone.
  • Manually water all or a single zone on demand (perfect for testing and demonstration).
  • Quick installation with just two mounting screws (for outdoor installation).
  • Can be used with a Rain Bird Rain Sensor.
  • Weather sensor bypass by program or zone.
  • Programmable master valve/pump start circuit.
  • Contractor default save and restore.
  • Three year warranty.

Product Video