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90 Degree Vari-Jet Asta Stake with Tube

  • £2.99

The 90° Vari-Jet Asta Stake is a pre-assembled micro jet installed on a stake with a small length of flexible micro tube, saving you time during installation. This can be installed in less than 10 seconds. The micro jet itself has a built-in flow control for adjusting the spray radius to suit the area being watered (maximum spray radius of 2 metres). Performs effectively even at low water pressure (1 - 3.5 bar). The 90° (quarter-circle) micro jet is ideal for placement in corners. The Asta Stake is made from tough UV stable plastic and ensures maximum stability for the micro jet. A rigid riser can be added to elevate the micro jet over tall foliage.

Ideal for borders, flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Product Details:

  • Pre-assembled to save on installation time.
  • Built-in flow control to adjust flow and spray radius.
  • Made from tough UV stable material for a long life.
  • Supplied with 290mm flexible off-take tube.
  • Built-in hole punch for quick installation.
  • 90 degree spray pattern with 2m radius.
  • Ideal placement in corners.
  • Can be dismantled for cleaning and descaling.
  • Great for borders, greenhouses and vegetable gardens.

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