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Claber Colibri 360 Degree Pop-Up Sprinkler - 90210

  • £13.99
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The Claber Colibri 360 degree pop-up sprinkler is part of the fantastic selection of Claber's low water consumption underground micro-sprinklers. Ideal for watering small lawn areas and vegetable patches, even at low water pressure. Because of their unique gear driven design, these can easily be run straight from an outside tap with no worries (suitable back-flow prevention must be used to comply with water authorities). This pop-up sprinkler provides a 360Á (full-circle) coverage and is ideally placed in the middle of grass areas. With a range of up to 4 metres radius (depending on water pressure), this can be reduced down using the stainless steel range adjustment screws. Connection is made via the 1/2" BSP female thread at the base of the sprinkler.

Product Details:

  • Uniform coverage with gentle rain effect.
  • Radius: Up to 4 metres (see technical info for full details).
  • Adjustable radius via stainless steel screw.
  • 360Á (full-circle) spray pattern.
  • Connected to systems using 1/2" connector.
  • Covered by Clabers 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

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