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Hozelock Ultra Metal Garden Pump - 7819

  • £119.99
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This product has now been discontinued. The replacement for this is the Hozelock Jet 3000 K7 Garden Pump.

The Hozelock Ultra Metal Garden Pump is a very high-pressure pump that allows the use of stored rainwater to water the garden. Connect a garden hose to the outlet of the pump easily using a Hozelock hose end connector. Can be used with drip irrigation systems, lawn sprinklers and spray pistols. The high power of this pump (3.5 bar pressure and 3500 litres per hour) allows for up to two pieces of Hozelock watering equipment to be used at any one time. Setup is quick and easy, using a suction hose to draw the water and a garden hose to water the garden. Supplied with two filters - a coarse filter on the suction hose, and a fine filter on the pump to stop sand and grit entering the pump.

The pump chamber is made of high-grade stainless steel and is supplied with a cable with fitted plug. The pump comes with a set of spare seals, and full clear instructions.

Product Details:

  • Allows use of stored rainwater/greywater with any Hozelock watering product.
  • Connect garden hose two-year using a Hozelock hose end connector.
  • High-pressure pump (3.5 bar) with a maximum flow of 3500 lph.
  • Two filters for protecting the pump and attached watering equipment.
  • Powerful pump with quiet operation - two year guarantee.
  • Weatherproof - Can be left outdoors. Not submersible.

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