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The Year Ahead for Easy Garden Irrigation - 2014

The Year Ahead for Easy Garden Irrigation - 2014

Year Ahead for Easy Garden Irrigation

We first opened our doors a few months ago to customers in the UK. We are so pleased with the amazing response and support we've had so far from you, our fantastic customers. We also want to express our thanks to some of our customers that have experienced some of our teething problems and were extremely patient. With the turn of the New Year, a fair few orders under our belt, teething issues resolved, and our team settling into the swing of things, it might be worth letting you know what we plan to do in 2014.

Friendly Customer Service

First of all, and something we believe to be very important, we plan to give our customers the best service possible - without you guys, we wouldn't have a business, so we want you to be as happy as possible. Getting orders shipped and delivered as quickly as possible is our major priority. With a target of getting most orders delivered the next working day, we think you guys will be pretty happy with that. We will also aim to be as responsive as possible whenever any of you reach out to us for help, whether that be via the phone, email or social media. If you have any problems whatsoever, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are super friendly, and want to give every customer we are fortunate to have the best experience. We will bend over backwards (within reason) to keep you happy. As an extra thank you, we'll be shipping a little extra treat with every order. We hope this will put a smile on your face.

Powerhouse of Knowledge

Our second priority is ensuring that we as a team are as knowledgeable about the products as possible. We plan to send our technical support and sales team on a couple of extensive training courses with the top manufacturers in the irrigation industry. Our top technical staff have already had extensive training and hands on experience over the years, but that won't stop them from wanting to learn more (and taking advantage of the free lunches). By creating a powerhouse of knowledge, we can help our customers with any questions they may have, however tough they may be. It will also help our team when creating what we plan to be the best free online resource for learning garden irrigation. We want to bring you a series of printable guides and video tutorials to help you understand how garden watering systems are put together and maintained. We will also be blogging regularly about anything and everything to do with garden irrigation, we will have guest writers to provide general gardening advice throughout the year, and we have secured opportunities to feature on other gardening blogs providing expert garden irrigation advice. If you would like to know when we release new content, follow our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out.


European Expansion

When we have absolutely every nut and bolt sorted in the business, we will be extending our reach to Ireland and the rest of Europe, meaning we can serve more customers in need of garden irrigation. We think our service will be especially useful to expats setting up a new home abroad looking to get advice from a company who speak their native tongue. We will work with our courier company to secure the best price possible for delivering

Wish us luck for 2014

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Sean - April 17, 2014

Update. We have managed to get a great deal with ParcelForce Worldwide, and will be rolling out International delivery soon. We will start off with Ireland to test the waters (excuse the poor pun). All going good, we should be able to ship anywhere in Europe for £25 for medium/large orders, and £10 for smaller orders.

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