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Our indepth guides are written by passionate gardeners who have years of experience helping others with garden irrigation.
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Learn more about how to get the most from garden irrigation. Our selection of guides offer advice on planning and installing DIY garden irrigation systems, answers to frequently asked questions and technical detail for all the products sold by ourselves. If you can't find the information you are looking for, get in touch with our friendly team of experts either by phone or email.

Understanding irrigation

Start here to get an overview of exactly what garden irrigation is. In the guide you will find tips for effective watering in the garden, the different methods of garden irrigation, and help choosing the best type to suit you and your garden.

Visit the Understanding Irrigation Guide

Free Irrigation Design Advice

The advice we offer for irrigation design is completely free for anyone to use. We help people plan irrigation systems and build shopping lists of components required to complete projects. Give our team a call to discuss your requirements.

Go to Free Irrigation Design Advice

Drip Irrigation Guide

Learn more about planning and installing drip irrigation systems with this easy to follow step by step guide. Be sure to complete the Garden Irrigation Planning Guide prior. Includes typical shopping lists for different types of drip irrigation systems.

Visit the Drip Irrigation Guide

Pop Up Spinkler System Guide

This comprehensive guide to planning and installing pop-up sprinkler systems will take you from zero to hero in no time. Written by our team of system designers for homeowners and landscape gardeners. Be sure to complete the Garden Irrigation Planning Guide prior.

View the Pop Up Sprinkler System Guide

Micro Spray System Guide

A complete guide to planning and installing Micro Sprays for your garden. Follow the step by step guide to help build your shopping list of components. Included is a typical shopping list for different types of Micro Spray systems.

Go to Micro Spray System Guide

Hozelock Automatic Watering Guide

The Hozelock guide to automatic watering systems was written to give a brief introduction to automatic watering and help novices plan and install a garden watering system of their own quickly and easily. Includes a full Hozelock component list.

Go to Hozelock Automatic Watering Guide

Hose Pipe Storage Guide

What’s the best way to store a garden hose? Read our guide full of hose storage tips from the experts.

Complete Guide to Hose Pipe Storage

Setup and Install a Hose Reel

Read our guidelines on how to set up and install a hose reel. From experts in garden irrigation for all your gardening needs.

How to Setup and Install a Hose Reel

Complete Guide to Hosepipe Fittings

Read our helpful guide to hosepipe fittings to help you determine the best garden hose fittings for your garden watering needs.

Complete Guide to Hosepipe Fittings

Garden hose pipes: The Definitive Guide

Explore our definitive guide to hose pipes, exploring the best options for watering your garden.

Garden hose pipes: The Definitive Guide

Garden Hose Flow Rate and Water Pressure Explained

Learn how garden hose flow rate and water pressure is calculated, and how to decipher the optimum flow rate for your watering needs.

Guide to Garden Hose Flow Rate

Garden Hose Maintenance: What you need to know

How do you properly care for your garden hose? Read our garden hose care and maintenance guide for the latest expert advice.

Guide to Garden Hose Maintenance

Ultimate Guide to Garden Sprinklers

Discover the best garden sprinklers for efficient watering, how they work, tips on selection, the top sprinkler brands and FAQ's.

Ultimate Guide to Garden Sprinklers

Oscillating Sprinkler Guide

Discover how to maximise your garden's hydration with our Oscillating Sprinkler Guide, covering essential tips and best practices.

Go to Oscillating Sprinkler Guide

Impact Sprinklers: What are they and how do they work?

Uncover the mechanics and benefits of impact sprinklers in our guide, detailing what they are and how they efficiently water your garden.

Read the Impact Sprinkler Guide

Buyer’s Guide to Hozelock Hose Reels

Which Hozelock hose reel is best for my garden? Explore the sizes and styles of Hozelock hose reels with Easy Garden Irrigation.

Buyer’s Guide to Hozelock Hose Reels

Hozelock Garden Hose Buyer's Guide

What is the best Hozelock hose for my garden? Are Hozelock hoses any good, and what options are there? Read our buyer’s guide from Easy Garden Irrigation.

Buyer's Guide to Hozelock Garden Hose

Hozelock Water Timer Buyer’s Guide

Watering your garden is a breeze with a Hozelock water timer. Our comprehensive buyer's guide will help you find the perfect water timer to suit your gardening needs.

Buyer's Guide to Hozelock Water Timers

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