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Pop Up Sprinkler Selection

Knowing the best types of sprinklers for the job and determining where to place them for maximum efficiency and economy are decisions that begin early in the design process. They are choices based on all the information gathered about the site and an understanding of basic hydraulics.

Selecting the right sprinklers

A rotor sprinkler head is a type of sprinkler that, when in use, delivers a single stream of water and rotates through a specified arc to provide water to the target area. A set of internal gears drives the rotation of a rotor head. These are good to use for larger areas, but should only be used for watering grass areas and require more pressure to operate.

A spray nozzle is a type of spray head that when in use, delivers water over its entire designated arc and radius all at once. These are typically to irrigate smaller landscaped areas. These types of heads can be used for lawn and mixed planting areas like borders or flower beds. These are installed on a spray head body like the Rain Bird 1804 Spray Head.

A rotary nozzle is a type of spray head that delivers several small rotating streams of water at different trajectories to cover the target radius. A rotary nozzle is installed on a spray head body like the spray nozzles above. They apply water at a lower rate than spray nozzles, can achieve a greater radius and will operate at lower pressures while delivering consistent coverage.