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Hozelock understands the rewards of gardening and wants to help gardeners from all over the world get the most from their gardens. They combine a real knowledge and passion for gardening with pride in craftsmanship to develop high-quality products to help gardens flourish and stay healthy. All their innovations have been designed in the UK, striving to make user-friendly products that are packed full of benefits, not just features. All this adds up to create one of the most advanced ranges of watering products in the world and continue the Hozelock heritage of innovation and world-class product development.

Hozelock Automatic Watering Systems

Hozelock Automatic Watering
Hozelock Mini Sprinkler
Hozelock Greenhouse Watering

We specialise in garden irrigation systems, and we carry in stock all the available automatic watering systems and components in the Hozelock product range. Hozelock automatic watering systems are designed to be flexible and easy to install, meaning you can find an automatic watering system just right for you. Choose one with a water timer, and you can use it for automatic holiday watering, or general day to day watering to free up time for leisure. For a full guide to planning and installing a Hozelock automatic watering system, see this Hozelock Guide, taking you through all aspects of preparing a shopping list and final installation of your watering system.

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Hozelock Auto Reel - Still the Best

Hozelock Auto Reel Lifestyle Photo
Hozelock Auto Reel Rewind Photo
Hozelock Auto Reel New Bracket Photo

Hozelock have been making the Auto Reel for over 20 years and have the most comprehensive range available. Having developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in that time, Hozelock has crafted a durable and dependable Auto Reel that works time after time. Now sporting a sleek new design, Hozelock has completely overhauled the Auto Reel and re-designed some key features, making it even better than before. We have the complete collection in stock ready to order at low prices. Browse now to find one that’s right for you.

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New and Original Hozelock Hose Fittings

Hozelock Hose Fittings - New and Original
Hozelock Hose Fittings - New for 2018
Hozelock Hose Fittings - The Original

The Hozelock connector is an iconic product designed and manufactured in Great Britain and is the reliable backbone of watering systems for millions of gardeners around the world. While many connectors might have a similar appearance, it is the combination of seven individual components with a unique acetal core for extreme strength and resistance that makes the Hozelock Hose Connector such a reliable choice. These iconic connectors are evolving to incorporate new soft touch features for added grip and comfort and will no doubt continue to be the number one choice for millions of gardeners in the future.

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Hose Reels

Hozelock manufactures a great selection of functional hose reels for all garden types. Choose from free-standing, wall mounted and wheeled hose reels in an assortment of different capacities that will suit your garden. Designed to be fuss-free and for a long life, you will be pleased you bought a Hozelock hose reel.

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Hose Pipe

Hozelock have a range of hose-pipes to suit all gardens and budgets; all made to the highest of standards using the latest technology. If you want to buy the best of the best, pick the Hozelock Ultimate garden hose, an advanced hose with a 30-year guarantee, perfect for commercial and residential applications.

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Garden Sprinklers

A Hozelock sprinkler is the quickest and easiest way to water large areas of your garden, whether it is bursting with plants and trees or just a patch of lawn. Most of the sprinklers are adjustable and have multiple settings making them versatile enough for any shape or size garden.

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Hozelock Product Manuals

Need to find the instruction manual for your Hozelock product? We have all the Hozelock instruction manuals available to download on our Instruction Manuals & Technical Information Page.

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