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Hozelock Watering Products

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For over 50 years Hozelock has been designing and manufacturing high-quality garden watering products right here in the UK, helping gardens all over the world flourish and come to life. With constant innovation and a real passion for gardening, it is clear to see why Hozelock is Britain’s most popular brand for garden watering products. As you would expect from one of the UK’s most trusted garden equipment manufacturers, they take pride in their design and craftsmanship, giving customers total peace of mind.

Here at Easy Garden Irrigation, we are proud to be major Hozelock stockist’s, carrying a massive range of Hozelock products ready to order with fast delivery. Whether it is a garden sprinkler or a new hose pipe, we have in stock the best of Hozelock. Browse our selection below, or get in touch with our specialist staff who are waiting for your call.

Hozelock Hoses and Accessories

Hozelock understands the rewards of gardening and wants to help gardeners from all over the world get the most from their gardens.

They combine a real knowledge and passion for gardening with pride in craftsmanship to develop high-quality products to help gardens flourish and stay healthy. All their innovations have been designed in the UK, striving to make user-friendly products that are packed full of benefits, not just features. All this adds up to create one of the most advanced ranges of watering products in the world and continue the Hozelock heritage of innovation and world-class product development.

Hozelock Hose Reels

Hozelock manufactures a great selection of functional hose reels for all garden types. Choose from free-standing, wall mounted and wheeled hose reels in an assortment of different capacities that will suit your garden. Designed to be fuss-free and for a long life, you will be pleased you bought a Hozelock hose reel.

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Hozelock Hose Pipes

Hozelock have a range of hose-pipes to suit all gardens and budgets; all made to the highest of standards using the latest technology. If you want to buy the best of the best, pick the Hozelock Ultimate garden hose, an advanced hose with a 30-year guarantee, perfect for commercial and residential applications.

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Hozelock Fittings and Accessories

The Hozelock connector, made in Britain, is a reliable choice for millions of gardeners worldwide. Its strength and resistance comes from seven components and a unique acetal core. New soft touch features for added grip and comfort make it the top choice for the future.

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Hozelock Sprinkers

A Hozelock sprinkler is the quickest and easiest way to water large areas of your garden, whether it is bursting with plants and trees or just a patch of lawn. Most of the sprinklers are adjustable and have multiple settings making them versatile enough for any shape or size garden.

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Hozelock Spray Guns & Lances

We have a large selection of Hozelock Spray Guns available to buy, including the popular tough and reliable Pro Metal spray guns. Choose from either a multi-function spray gun, a jet spray gun, or a spray lance, all made to a high quality and will make watering the garden a breeze.

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The Complete Hozelock Garden Watering Solution

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Hozelock Auto Reel 30m - 2403

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  • 30m of premium, three-layer, braided, tough and durable anti-kink hose.
  • Tough Polypropylene UV stabilised case protects the hose and extends its life.
  • 2m feeder hose to connect to the tap.
  • On / off spray nozzle with variable spray options.
  • All necessary hose fittings - 3/4" and 1/2" BSP outdoor tap connector, hose end connector for tap and Water Stop connector to attach the nozzle to the hose.
  • Wall bracket, screws and wall plugs - supplied ones are suitable for brick, stone and concrete.
  • Child lock and padlock fitting.
  • Full instructions on installation and use.
  • 2-year guarantee.

Hozelock Watering Systems

We specialise in garden irrigation systems, and we carry in stock all the available automatic watering systems and components in the Hozelock product range.

Hozelock automatic watering systems are designed to be flexible and easy to install, meaning you can find an automatic watering system just right for you. Choose one with a water timer, and you can use it for automatic holiday watering, or general day to day watering to free up time for leisure. For a full guide to planning and installing a Hozelock automatic watering system, see this Hozelock Guide, taking you through all aspects of preparing a shopping list and final installation of your watering system.

Hozelock Watering Systems

Hozelock Watering Systems

An automatic watering system can be broken down into three simple steps. First, you need to make a connection to a water source, usually an outdoor tap. From this source, you can also fit a water timer to automate daily watering of your irrigation system. Next, you need to create a network of supply pipes to act as the primary carrier of water around your garden. Run this to everything you want to water in the garden. Finally, you need to install emitters (outlets) that release the water. These can be drippers, micro jets or sprinklers. Let's walk through each of the steps in more depth.

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Hozelock Water Timers

Hozelock Water Timers

Hozelock's programmable water timers can be directly screwed onto an outside tap. No tricky electrical wiring is required as they are battery powered. Batteries typically last an entire watering season. Programming is easy, and there's a manual override for other watering tasks.

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Information and FAQ's

Hozelock Automatic Watering Guide

Plan and install a garden watering system of your own quickly and easily. Includes a full Hozelock component list and step-by-step guide.

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Buyer’s Guide to Hozelock Hose Reels

Which Hozelock hose reel is best for my garden? Explore the sizes and styles of Hozelock hose reels with Easy Garden Irrigation.

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Hozelock Garden Hose Buyer's Guide

What is the best Hozelock hose for my garden? Are Hozelock hoses any good, and what options are there? Read our buyer’s guide from Easy Garden Irrigation.

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Buyer's Guide to Hozelock Water Timers

Explore different models and features of Hozelock water timers with Easy Garden Irrigation. Read this guide for help choosing the best Hozelock water timer for you.

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Hozelock Hose Fittings Buyer's Guide

Explore our entire range of Hozelock hose fittings and accessories. Read our buyer's guide for help choosing the best hose fittings for garden watering.

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Hozelock Instruction Manuals

Hozelock Water Timers

Hozelock Watering Kits

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