Battery Water TimerBattery water timers typically attach directly to a standard garden tap, the ideal place to control your watering system. The batteries for a water timer normally last about 9 months, which is plenty long enough to last an entire growing season. At the beginning of each new season, pop in a fresh set of batteries, and you'll be able to forget about it for the rest of the year. Generally, you would programme a water timer to turn on once or twice a day, once in the morning or once in the evening, or both. 

Which water timer is best?

In our opinion, the Claber water timers are superb and made to a high standard. Still, the Hozelock water timers are brilliant value for money, offering lots of functionality for an excellent price. We stock both battery-powered water timers and mains powered irrigation controllers for larger gardens or commercial spaces.

Suppose you're setting up a larger system such as a pop-up sprinkler system. In that case, you may consider using a mains powered water timer in conjunction with 24v solenoids instead, as these are a more professional choice. Because they're mains powered, they do not require any batteries to be changed. A mains powered timer acts as the irrigation controller - the brains of the irrigation system, which then tell the solenoid valves when to operate.