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Drip Line and Drip Line Accessories

If you're looking to install a garden irrigation system for a hedgerow, large vegetable patch or large flower beds and borders, look no further than drip line. Drip line is an easy to install tubing that has pre-installed drippers along its length at 33cm intervals. Each drip emitter is concealed within the tubing with small double outlets, they are pressure compensating to allow for long runs, and have a predetermined flow rate of 2.3 litres per hour per dripper (5.75 litres per hour per metre). Made from flexible LDPE pipe, the drip line is easy to install in any area. We recommend that these are installed with the anti-leak fittings to ensure a good tight fit. We also recommend using supply pipe hold down stakes to secure the pipe in place during installation. A 4mm micro drip line version is also available which is ideal for containers, hanging baskets and grow bags.