Have you been searching for an easier way to water the garden? That's how we got into this business in the first place. Now with years of experience, we're passing our knowledge on to you. You can effortlessly keep your garden watered all year round, and even better, all of this can be done automatically. Save time for leisure (or work) by installing a garden watering system, and help the environment at the same time.

Welcome to Easy Garden Irrigation, the home of garden watering systems. We sell garden irrigation products to customers all over the UK, Ireland, and throughout Europe. We know a thing or two about garden irrigation, and we love to help our customers, so get in touch and take advantage of our expertise. We have an excellent help section packed full of guides and advice to get the perfect watering system for your garden. We carry hundreds of items in stock ready to ship, and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We're really friendly too, give us a call or drop by to talk to one of our staff about your needs today.

We've helped all sorts of customers solve their garden watering problems, from amateur gardeners to professional landscapers. We will more than likely be able to help you too. Read what our recent customers have to say about us and the quality of our service.


The majority of our customers are homeowners who love their garden. Most don't have the first idea of how a garden irrigation system works, and are daunted by the idea of planning and installing a system for themselves. Our friendly sales staff are more than happy to help every step of the way. Whether they want to find out how a watering system can save them time and reduce water usage, how to plan an irrigation system, or if they get stuck during installation, we are here ready to answer any questions. We generally recommend customers to take a look through our comprehensive library of help guides, or if they'd like more help, to use our free design service.

Landscape Gardeners

We have many enquiries from landscape gardeners looking to install garden watering systems for their clients, but have no idea where to start. They may know more about gardening than us, but can struggle with learning the ins and outs of garden irrigation. So we step in and explain the full process of putting together a quote for their customers, from calculating materials required to how long it will take for installation. We also provide assistance in the design of irrigation systems, and technical assistance via phone during installation.

Professional Irrigation Installers

With our range of top quality irrigation products from manufacturers from all over the world, we have everything a professional irrigation installer could possibly need on a job. We can offer installers a trade account, which includes technical support, as well as support with marketing. We also run training days, which may be ideal for new recruits or those wanting to top up their knowledge and meet others within the industry. Contact us to find out more about how we can help professional irrigation installers.

Just Ask - We're really friendly

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Now you know how we can help, perhaps you would like to have a look through our help pages to learn more about getting a garden irrigation system for your home or client.