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Hozelock has been busy over the last year designing a new range of watering products to help keep gardens lush and healthy with ease. Today I'm going to take you through the new Hozelock Water Timers, promising to revolutionise automatic irrigation by integrating smart technology to their new range. The most promising addition is the Hozelock Cloud Controller. Read on to find out more.

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New Cloud Controller wins Gold Award

Save time, safeguard the health of your plants and use less water are the promises Hozelock make regarding their new Cloud Controller. Whether at work, watching TV or sunning yourself in the Caribbean, the cloud controller allows you to programme the schedule of your irrigation system remotely. Using WiFi technology and a free smartphone app, Hozelock brings the ability to take control of your irrigation system from anywhere in the world. In fact, the smartphone app can even suggest changes to watering patterns based on local weather data. This new product is a breakthrough for automatic garden watering systems and takes the garden into the internet of things.

Overview of Hozelock Cloud Controller

  • Gold Prize for Glee's Innovation Award
  • The app is available for both Apple and Google Android Devices.
  • Integrate local weather data for more intelligent watering.
  • Control your system from anywhere worldwide using home WiFi and an internet connection.
  • Reduce your monthly bills while helping to conserve limited water resources.
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New Sensor Range from Hozelock

The other additions to the Hozelock range is the new Sensor Controller and Sensor Controller Plus, both promising a significant improvement to their existing water timers on offer. It's common for a lot of people to water at dawn or dusk, but this requires reprogramming your water timer as the seasons change. These new water timers automatically adjust the time your garden will be watered as the seasons change. This innovation will save gardeners a significant amount of time, allowing for the water timer to be set just once at the start of the year.

Overview of Hozelock Sensor Controllers

We're very excited to receive stock of these new products, and we're confident many customers will be highly pleased to have one of these to control their garden watering system. If you'd like to find out more information, leave us a question in the comment section below. Next week, I'll be discussing the new Hozelock Easy Drip Watering System, available to buy early 2016.

  • Innovative sensor for automatic watering at dawn, dusk or both.
  • Easy programming allowing control of duration and frequency.
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