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Claber Aqua-Magic Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation Kit - 8063

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  • Hybrid solar and battery-powered: The Aqua-Magic Drip Irrigation System utilizes a hybrid power supply that combines a built-in solar panel with two rechargeable batteries, allowing you to use it in remote areas of your garden without needing a power source.
  • Water up to 20 pots or containers: This system is perfect for gardeners who need to care for multiple plants in different pots or containers. It can water up to 20 of them, making it an excellent solution for those with a large garden.
  • Customizable watering schedules: The built-in water timer allows you to choose from 54 different schedules, giving you the flexibility to provide the right amount of water to your plants as often as you need to.
  • Easy assembly: If you choose to purchase the 80-litre water tank specifically designed for the Aqua-Magic System, you'll find it easy to assemble with a super stable frame, and easy to collapse back down for storage.

The Claber Aqua-Magic Drip Irrigation System is a fantastic product for gardeners looking to care for plants in remote areas of the garden or to utilise rainwater collected in water butts without the need for a power source. This 2-in-1 mini-pump and water timer utilise a hybrid solar and battery power supply, providing power far away from a plug socket. Two rechargeable batteries store energy collected through its built-in solar panel. 

The Aqua-Magic Drip Irrigation System can be used to water up to 20 pots or containers. Using the built-in water timer, you can choose from a combination of 54 schedules to suit how much water you want to provide to all of your plants and how often.

An 80-litre water tank designed specifically for the Aqua-Magic System can also be purchased. Easy to assemble with a super stable frame, the Aqua-Magic tank is an ideal addition to this innovative drip irrigation system. This can also be collapsed down, cleaned out and stored when not in use.

Product Features:

  • Hybrid power supply: sunlight, which charges two rechargeable batteries through the built-in photovoltaic panel.
  • Batteries: 2 rechargeable HR6/AA 1.2V NiMH, at least 1800 mAh (not included).
  • Water supply: water tank (no tap).
  • System: min.10, max. 20 drippers.
  • Programming: 2 dials, one for the watering frequency and one for the water quantity per dripper.
  • Programmes: 54 different irrigation solutions.
  • Watering frequency: from every day to once a week; can be set to every day, with a 6-hour delay.
  • Water quantity: from 40 ml to 200 ml per dripper (with 20 drippers installed).
  • Manual irrigation: 100 ml per dripper (can be stopped before).
  • Aqua-Magic Solar Timer Pump
  • Anti-siphon flow valve
  • 4mm suction filter
  • Bracket with screws and plugs
  • 20 x self-regulating drippers
  • 20 meters of 4mm feeding tube
  • 20 x 4mm support stakes
  • 6 x 4mm Tee connectors
  • 6 x 4mm hole plugs