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Drippers for drip irrigation systems are an ideal way to precisely water individual plants or plants grouped closely together in the garden. They can be used in containers, in flower beds and borders, for shrubs and trees, grow bags and hanging baskets. A dripper works by slowly and accurately releasing water to the root of a plant, making them an ideal method for watering the garden in an efficient manner. A water saving of up to 90% can be achieved compared to watering the garden with a traditional garden hose pipe, and drip irrigation systems are usually exempt from hose pipe bans. Although they use less water than any other form of watering system, they are still just as effective and will make your plants thrive, even in the heat of the summer.
We have plenty of different kinds of drippers available, from fixed flow drippers that are pressure compensating, to adjustable drippers with coverage of up to 30cms radius. Browse our selection to see which will be the best suit for your garden.

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