Garden Skid Sprinkler - Pro


Product Info

The garden skid sprinkler is a professional garden sprinkler that provides excellent watering coverage. Comes with a professional sprinkler head that has a maximum coverage of 25m diameter. Can be set to do either a full circle coverage or part circle coverage (such as a semi-circle or quarter circle). The range of the sprinkler can be reduced as well quickly and easily to cover smaller areas. Comes with a Hozelock inlet preinstalled for quick and easy connection to a garden hose pipe. The sprinkler is also supplied with a Geka connection if required.

This sprinkler is a popular choice for professional gardeners, contractors and the horticultural trade for its reliability and strength. Ideal for watering large lawns, horse riding surfaces, bowling greens, cricket green and other large lawn areas. Easy to move around as the skid base can slide over a lawn area by just pulling on the connected garden hose pipe.

Key Features

  • 4mm standard nozzle jet.
  • Part circle or full circle setting with fingertip control.
  • 25-meter diameter (maximum, see performance chart below).
  • Baffle deflector controls height and distance of sprinkler.
  • Diffuser pin adjusts from heavy to a fine stream.
  • Supplied with both Hozelock and Geka connections.
Pressure (BAR) Flow (litres per minute) Diameter (metres)
2.0 BAR 14.2 lpm 25 Metres
3.0 BAR 17.2 lpm 27 Metres
4.0 BAR 19.7 lpm 28 Metres

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