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Gardena Drip Line 25m Starter Set (Hedge/Bush) - 13500

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  • Quick and easy installation: The Gardena Drip Line Starter Set includes everything required for quick and easy installation, allowing you to get up and running in no time.
  • The Gardena Drip Line is suitable for both above and below-ground installation, making it versatile for any garden setup.
  • Reliable water distribution: With a drip head every 30cm, each drip head releases 1.6 litres per hour, ensuring a steady and even distribution of water to your plants.
  • Self-cleaning drippers: The pressure compensating drippers are self-cleaning, preventing any debris build-up and ensuring that your plants receive clean water.
  • Root barrier protection: This innovative drip line features a garden root barrier that protects the pipe when installed underground, preventing any blockages and ensuring long-lasting use.

The Gardena Drip line 25m Starter Set is the perfect solution for watering rows of plants, hedgerows and planted borders. This innovative drip line comes equipped with above and below-ground capabilities, making it an ideal choice for any garden setup. It will help save you time and water.  It focuses on root soaking, keeping your soil moist and minimising water waste from evaporation. This 13mm drip line has built-in pressure-compensating drippers every 30cm, emitting a fixed flow of 1.6 litres per hour, ensuring water is distributed slowly and efficiently, resulting in a uniform release of water throughout the entire pipe length. With a quick connection to a hose pipe, this is the perfect and easy solution for your watering needs. 

This starter set includes everything you need to install a system for a 25-metre planting row. It is quick and easy to install and can be easily extended if required up to 100 metres. For automatic watering, consider purchasing a water timer to schedule when the system operates.

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Product Details:

  • The starter set includes all the necessary components, including the Gardena Master Unit 1000.
  • Integrated drip emitters with special labyrinth technology and root barrier make this drip line suitable for above and below ground installation.
  • 1.6 litre per hour pressure-compensating drippers every 30cm.
  • Ideal for small borders, hedgerows and shrubs.
  • Extend up to 100 metres for more extensive gardens.
  • Can be used with standard 13mm fittings and adaptors.
  • Quick-click connection for easy installation.
  • 1 x Gardena Drip Line 25 Metre - 13mm (13503)
  • 1 x Master Unit 1000 Pressure Reducer (13333)
  • 15 x Pipe Hold Down Stakes (13208)
  • 1 x End Stop (13205)