Garden Irrigation Supply Pipe - Micro Supply Pipe 50 Metre - 4mm

Micro Supply Pipe 50 Metre - 4mm

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Product Info

50 metre 4mm irrigation supply pipe for garden watering systems branches out of the 13mm irrigation supply pipe to feed drippers, micro jets and mini sprinklers, or can be used straight from the tap. Made from UV stable materials to protect from the sun. The range matches common European and Internation tube sizes and is fully compatible with Hozelock, Claber, and Gardena watering systems. Use 4mm irrigation fittings with this pipe

Key Features

  • 50 Metres of 4mm micro irrigation supply pipe.
  • Easy to cut to required length.
  • UV stabilised for long life in the sun.
  • Range conforms to European and International tube sizes.
  • Fully compatible with Hozelock and Claber watering systems.

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