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Oscillating Sprinklers

Transform your garden watering with our selection of Oscillating Sprinklers, perfect for efficiently watering square and rectangular-shaped gardens. These sprinklers create a smooth, back-and-forth motion, resembling gentle rainfall, ensuring even coverage across large areas.

All of our oscillating sprinklers allow for customising the width and length of coverage to meet the needs of your garden perfectly. This precise control ensures your lawn and plants receive the right amount of water, no more, no less. Shop our full range of oscillating sprinklers from top brands below.

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Oscillating Sprinkler FAQs

An oscillating sprinkler works by distributing water through a series of nozzles on a moving tube, which oscillates back and forth. This movement, powered by water pressure, creates a fan-like, rain-like spray pattern that evenly covers a wide area, making it ideal for watering square or rectangular lawns. The sprinkler's range and pattern can often be adjusted to suit different lawn sizes.

Choosing between an oscillating sprinkler and a round (or rotary) sprinkler depends on the shape and size of your lawn:

Oscillating Sprinkler: Best for square or rectangular lawns. It provides even coverage in a back-and-forth motion, making it great for consistent watering over straight edges and defined areas.

Round/Rotary Sprinkler: Ideal for large, circular or irregularly shaped lawns. It rotates in a circular pattern, covering a wide area, and is effective in reaching out to every corner of a round or odd-shaped lawn.

In summary, if your lawn is square or rectangular, an oscillating sprinkler would typically provide better coverage. For larger, round, or irregularly shaped lawns, a rotary sprinkler would be more effective.

For average lawns, leave your oscillating water sprinkler on for around 20-30 minutes three times per week. Increase frequency during hot periods. It's better to water less frequently but deeply, to encourage deep root growth. Also, lawns typically want a total of 25mm of water per week. More during hot weather due to evaporation.