Rain Bird 360° R-VAN Series Nozzles


Product Info

The Rain Bird R-VAN series of rotary nozzles are engineered to deliver the most efficient coverage while making installation and maintenance faster and easier. The R-VAN series nozzles are used in conjunction with the Rain Bird 1800 Series Pop Up Sprinklers.

R-VAN rotary nozzles deliver several small streams of water at different trajectories to cover the target radius. R-VAN nozzles produce larger droplets and thick, wind-resistant streams resulting in more uniform coverage, even at long distances. They apply water at a lower rate than conventional spray nozzles, can achieve a greater radius and will operate at lower pressures while delivering consistent coverage.

The R-VAN series of nozzles are also designed to make installation and maintenance easier. No special tools are required, all adjustments can be made with just your fingertips. To increase or decrease the spray radius, simply twist the collar clockwise or anti-clockwise to increase or decrease the radius. Pull up to flush for easy debris removal and maximized performance.

The R-VAN series of rotary nozzles have matched precipitation rates (MPR), allowing you to mix and match different size nozzles on the same zone without any problems. They also have a matched precipitation rate with the Rain Bird 5004 series sprinklers, giving you even more options.

For part-circle R-VANs, see Rain Bird 45°-270° R-VAN Series Nozzles.

Product Details:

  • Full-circle spray pattern (360°)
  • Adjust the radius by hand €“ no tools needed!
  • Pull up to flush for easy debris removal and maximized performance.
  • Gentle, rotating streams create uniform coverage at lower precipitation rates.
  • Multi-stream technology optimizes absorption for healthier lawns.
  • Larger droplets and thicker streams cut through wind and keep water in the target zone.
  • Matched precipitation with all other R-VAN series nozzles and 5000 series rotors.

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