Irrigation design consultation

The installation of an irrigation system is easy and inexpensive. But planning an irrigation system can be technically challenging and daunting for some and puts off would-be installers from taking the plunge.

Avoid costly setbacks with accurate, professional advice

A poorly planned system can require extensive revisions, thereby negating any savings you may have accrued by doing it yourself. If you are struggling to figure out how to plan an irrigation system for your garden, don't fear, we are more than happy to help.

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To take advantage of our free design service, we need you to provide an accurate drawing of your garden and measure the performance of your water source. We'll take care of the rest!

When you have gathered this information, send it to or call +44(0)1646 402050 to speak to one of our team.

How to Prepare the required information for Design

Expert guidance for planning an irrigation system

Our free irrigation advice service can help you to plan your irrigation system for the best possible results. You can call our helpline on +44(0)1646 402050 and ask our expert team for help and guidance on designing your irrigation system. We will advise you on the best irrigation tips for your garden for no charge. We can talk you through the process of planning garden irrigation, or if you’d prefer feel free to send us an email to ask any questions you may have.

Who can come to us for support and advice?

Our irrigation design advice is very popular among homeowners, landscapers and professional irrigation installers alike. For those that require a little more help, we encourage them to check out our helpful resources available on our website for more free advice and guidance for planning and installing a garden irrigation system.

Useful Guides

How to Design a Garden Irrigation System: Garden irrigation planning guide

Garden Irrigation Guidelines: What is garden irrigation? 

Preparing your irrigation systems for winter - A simple guide 

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Garden irrigation design and planning

Our helpful resources, listed below, include step by step guides on irrigation planning and how to measure your garden for irrigation. With this information, we will happily design a bespoke garden irrigation system and provide a full shopping list of components needed.

What next?

Once you have bought the garden irrigation system we plan just for you, it doesn't end there; we will continue to provide technical support during your installation until the job is complete. You can get in touch with our technical support team either via phone on 01646 402050 or by email at