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Introducing Grace, our Customer Advisor and Community Manager, who lights up Easy Garden Irrigation with her bubbly personality and her extensive knowledge of micro irrigation systems. Known for her enthusiasm and expertise, she's a customer favourite, always ready to offer tailored advice on all aspects of garden watering, especially when it comes to the intricacies of micro irrigation.

Grace is the heartbeat of our online community, fostering lively discussions and sharing valuable insights on our social media platforms. Her knack for engaging with our audience brings a unique energy that resonates well beyond the digital realm.

Outside of work, Grace is an avid explorer of the outdoors and a culinary adventurer. Her leisure time is spent enjoying nature walks with her dog, delving into true crime podcasts, and relishing the diverse flavors of street food with friends.

Skills and Expertise

Micro Irrigation Systems

Water Timers / Irrigation Controllers

Hose Pipes and Watering

Pop Up Sprinkler Systems

Grace's Testimonials

Grace is very knowledgeable and a delight to deal with - great Welsh company . Wish there was more like you in London

Clive Ellis

Grace who helped me a number of times over the last month was incredibly helpful. I was not sure of the exact items to order but she was super helpful and I got a really good service. Highly recommend.

Atif Yusaf

I sent over a plan of our beds and Grace designed the system for us. She added all to a shopping cart and all I had to do was check out. A great service and high quality product delivered 2 days later.


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