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Asta Dripper Pressure Compensating 2LPH - 5 Pack

  • £4.19

The Asta 2lph dripper is a pressure compensating spike drip emitter that releases precisely 2 litres per hour no matter the input pressure (1 - 3.5 bar). This is useful to ensure water is evenly distributed around a garden watering system, ensuring the same volume of water is provided to the first plant and the last plant in the system. The spike ensures easy and precise positioning for accurately targeting the root zone of plants. The barb inlet fits 4mm micro supply pipe (used end of line). Asta drippers have a flushing feature that give a short pulse of water on shutting down to clear any debris and minimise risks of blockage.

Applications include pots and hanging baskets, greenhouse grows bags, nurseries and landscapes.

Product Features:

  • Fixed flow 2LPH pressure compensating spike dripper.
  • Turbulent flow path & self-flushing action with insect baffle to minimise blockages.
  • Asta Stake keeps dripper in place.
  • 4mm inlet barb has a built-in filter.
  • Outlet suitable for attaching 4 mm micro tube.
  • Made from tough UV stable plastic for a long life.
  • Can be dismantled for cleaning.
  • Use at the base of small plants.
  • Supplied in packs of 5.

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