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AutoPot 4Pot System

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  • Effortless Watering: Automatically waters up to four 15-litre pots with a gravity-fed system, eliminating the need for electricity, pumps, or timers. Perfect for a variety of plants.
  • Expandable Flexibility: Grow your garden with ease using the 1Pot extension kit, scaling up to 6 pots on one system to meet your gardening needs.
  • Simplicity & Innovation: Ideal for gardeners looking to enhance their skills effortlessly, offering a straightforward solution for experimenting with planting techniques.
  • Unmatched Convenience: Keep your plants thriving, whether you're home or away, with a system designed for optimal hydration during holidays.
  • Seamless Integration: Easy to install in any greenhouse, this system supports consistent plant growth with minimal effort.

The 4Pot System by AutoPot is ideal for gardeners looking to grow exemplary plants. This kit allows you to grow trees, fruit, vegetables, or flowers in pots without any worries. Its power-free, gravity-fed system provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to water four 15-litre pots without electricity, pumps, or timers. This system is perfect for honing your horticultural skills and trying new techniques with minimal effort.

The system can be extended using the 1Pot extension kit. You can have a maximum of 6 pots on one system.

Product Details

  • Automatic gravity-fed watering system for pots.
  • Easy watering system for greenhouse.
  • Comes with 4 x 15-litre pots.
  • Can be extended up to 6 pots.
  • Perfect for holiday watering.

Download AutoPot 4Pot System Set-up Guidelines

  • 1x 47 Litre tank, lid and 9mm top hat grommet.
  • 1x 9mm golf filter.
  • 4x 9mm tee.
  • 2x 9mm cross connector.
  • 2x 9mm inline taps.
  • 4x 1Pot tray, lid and 9mm top hat grommet.
  • 4x 15 litre pots.
  • 4x AQUAvalve5.
  • 4x root control discs.
  • 4x marix discs.
  • 1x 4 metre length of 9mm pipe.