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AutoPot Tray2Grow Kit

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  • Versatile Gardening: The Tray2Grow Kit stands out with its ability to support five different planting methods, making it one of the most flexible irrigation systems on the market.
  • Precision Watering: Features the AQUAvalve5, designed to release the precise amount of water needed, preventing overwatering and ensuring plant health.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Comes complete with everything required for setup, including optional capillary spikes for efficient grow bag watering.
  • Large Capacity: Accommodates up to four seed trays, two micro herb trays*, or a large 107.5L framed fabric planter*, with guide holes for canes to provide support.
  • Efficient Design: Works seamlessly with 30/47-litre reservoirs, ensuring a consistent and reliable water supply for all types of plants.

The Tray2Grow Kit by AutoPot is the perfect automated solution for growing. It's one of the most versatile irrigation systems available, with five ways to grow, feed and water plants. Its large tray and valve setup accommodates seed trays, small pots, grow bags, micro herbs, and planters and includes optional capillary spikes to water substrate within grow bags.

The clever AQUAvalve5 allows a precise amount of water into the tray, ensuring the plants aren't overwatered. Couple this with the 30/47-litre reservoirs for a reliable water supply to the tray. It can hold up to four seed trays, two micro herb trays, and the large 107.5 L framed fabric planter, all with convenient guide holes for canes, ensuring maximum support. 

Product Details:

  • A versatile solution for easy watering.
  • AQUAvalve5 ensures a precise amount of water is delivered at once.
  • Five different ways to feed and water plants.
  • Suitable for seed trays, small pots, grow bags, micro herbs and planters.
  • Includes everything you need to set up for seed trays, grow bags and pots.

*The micro herb tray and planter are sold separately.

Download AutoPot Tray2Grow Set-up Guidelines

  • 1x Tray2Grow Tray & Lid
  • 1x AQUAvalve5
  • 2x 9mm Grommet
  • 1m of 9mm Pipe
  • 1x 16-9mm Click-Fit Filter
  • 1x 9mm In-line Tap
  • 1x 9mm Golf Filter
  • 1x 6mm Overflow Grommet
  • 3x Circular Spirit Level
  • 10x Capillary Spikes
  • 1x Capillary Matting
  • 1x Root Control Sheet
  • 4x Seed Trays
  • 1x Slug Repellent Gold Tape