CETA In-line Spike Dripper 4LPH Pressure Compensating - 5 Pack


Product Info

The In-Line CETA 4LPH Dripper on a spike is a pressure compensating drip emitter that is designed to deliver a pre-set amount of water at a wide range of inlet pressures (1 €“ 3.5 BAR). This compensation allows for easy calculation when planning a drip irrigation system, and ensures a uniform amount of water is released from every drip emitter, no matter the length of pipe or changes in elevation. The CETA drip emitter also has a self-flushing feature to help reduce the risk of blockages.

The built-in spike allows for securing the dripper in place at the base of plants. Connect to 4mm micro supply pipe via its barb inlets. Use in conjunction with the End-Of-Line Spike model to finish a chain of drippers on a run of the 4mm micro supply pipe.

Great for pots, planter boxes, balcony patio and landscape applications. Use at the base of plants to target root zone. Made from high-quality UV and chemical resistant material, the range of CETA drippers is spot-on for commercial and domestic applications.

Product Details:

  • A pre-set discharge of 4 litres per hour over a wide range of inlet pressures.
  • Large clog resistant turbulent flow path.
  • Self-flushing action with insect baffle to minimise blockages.
  • 4mm inlet barb has a built-in filter.
  • Take apart for cleaning and descaling.
  • Made from high-quality UV stable material for a long-life.
  • Supplied in packs of 5.

Performance Info

Performance Information CETA Pressure Compensating Dripper

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