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Claber Irrigation System Parts - Claber Anti-Leak 1/2 Inch Threaded Tee Connector - 99017

Claber Anti-Leak 1/2 inch Threaded Tee Connector - 99017

  • £3.59
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Used for connecting underground pop up sprinklers in series with 1/2" (13 - 16 mm) main hose. Features Claber's unique Anti-Leak locking system, a method of locking the pipe tight to the fitting to eliminate leaks and high-pressure blowouts. They work in the same manner as the MDPE compression fittings used in standard plumbing practices.

Product Details:

  • For direct connection to Main Supply Hose (Size: 13mm (1/2 inch)
  • Simple to use compression fitting locks tight.
  • 100% Compatible with Hozelock systems.
  • Covered by Claber's 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

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