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Claber Irrigation System Parts - Claber Anti-Leak Stop Connector - 99035

Claber Anti-Leak Stop Connector - 99035

  • £2.39
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To shut off water flow at the end of 1/2"? (13 - 16 mm) main tube. Features Claber's unique Anti-Leak locking system, a method of locking the pipe tight to the fitting to eliminate leaks and high pressure blow outs. They work in the same manner as the MDPE compression fittings used in standard plumbing practices.

Product Details:

  • For 13mm (1/2") LDPE Hose (Main Supply or Drip Line)
  • Simple to use compression fitting locks tight.
  • 100% Compatible with Hozelock systems.
  • Covered by Clabers 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

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