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Claber Water Timer - Claber Tempo Logic Water Timer - 8483

Claber Tempo Logic Water Timer - 8483

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A recent addition to the Claber water timer family is the Claber Tempo Logic, a simple to use water timer with great functionality. With a single button, you can choose from 19 pre-set programs, all of which are listed on the cover for quick reference. The backlit LCD screen displays the programming, time remaining on current watering cycle, the time of the next watering cycle, and rain sensor status. This water timer comes with a manual on/off function for times when additional watering is required. The entire body is made from high quality plastic and is reinforced to ensure a long life. Powered by just two AA alkaline batteries, with a battery life of an entire season, this is one of the most energy efficient water timers available. This water timer can be used in conjunction with both the Claber Wireless RF Rain Sensor and the standard (wired) Claber Rain Sensor to ensure your watering system is not wasting water unnecessarily. The unit is fitted with a washable stainless steel filter. All the electronic components are sealed inside the unit and is designed for outdoor use.

Product Details:

  • 19 preset functions programmed with one button for easy setup.
  • Quick and easy to fit to your garden tap and program.
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries and housed in a rainproof socket.
  • On/off button for immediate watering (5 minute test).
  • Backlit LCD screen displaying the different functions (programming, time remaining, watering time, rain sensor).
  • Easily connect to a rain sensor.

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