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CETA Dripper 4LPH Pressure Compensating - 10 Pack

  • £4.19

The CETA 4lph dripper is a pressure compensating drip emitter that releases exactly 4 litres per hour no matter the input pressure (1 - 3.5 bar). This ensures a uniform watering is achieved around the whole of a garden watering system, preventing over watering from the first dripper and under watering for the last dripper in a watering system. The barb inlet fits to 4mm micro supply pipe. The dripper can also be inserted directly into 13mm irrigation supply pipe. Made from tough UV stable plastic for a long life. Can easily be dismantled for cleaning and descaling.

Used for pots, troughs, grow bags and landscape applications.

Product Features:

  • Fixed flow 4LPH pressure compensating dripper.
  • Turbulent flow path & self-flushing action with insect baffle to minimise blockages.
  • Barb inlet suitable for 4mm micro supply pipe on direct connection to 13mm supply pipe.
  • Made from tough UV stable plastic.
  • Can be dismantled for cleaning.
  • Use at the base of plants.
  • Supplied in packs of 5.

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