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Gardena Drip Irrigation Starter Kit for Balcony - 13401

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  • Tailor-Made for Compact Spaces: Designed specifically for balcony and patio gardens, capable of efficiently watering up to 15 potted plants.
  • Optimal Hydration: Equipped with 2-litre-per-hour drippers to ensure even, consistent watering, even in low-pressure settings.
  • Expandable & Flexible: Features Easy & Flexible connection technology for simple system expansion or modification as your garden evolves.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Includes all necessary components for a quick, straightforward setup, making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned gardeners.
  • Durable & Sustainable: Crafted from premium materials in Europe, ensuring longevity and eco-friendly water usage.

Transform your gardening with the Gardena Drip Irrigation Starter Kit for Raised Beds. Designed for the modern gardener, this Micro-Drip-System offers a ready-to-use solution, ensuring your flowers and vegetables thrive with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Capable of watering up to 35 plants, this kit includes advanced pressure compensating dripper heads that deliver a consistent 2-litre-per-hour flow rate, guaranteeing your plants receive the optimal amount of water without waste, even in areas with low water pressure.

Embrace simplicity and flexibility with Gardena's Easy & Flexible connection technology, allowing you to effortlessly expand or modify your irrigation system to fit your garden's evolving needs. Save valuable time and conserve water while ensuring a healthy and productive garden by using precision drip irrigation. Crafted in Europe from premium materials, this system promises durability and reliability for seasons to come.

Product Details

  • Tailor-made for balconies and patios, efficiently waters up to 15 potted plants, turning any space into a lush, green haven.
  • Comes complete with all necessary components for a quick setup, promising a hassle-free installation process.
  • Features 2-litre-per-hour, pressure-compensating drippers for uniform water delivery, keeping your plants optimally hydrated.
  • Thanks to Easy & Flexible connection technology, easily expand or adjust your irrigation setup, growing with you and your garden.
  • Prioritises water conservation and time savings, made from high-quality, long-lasting materials and proudly produced in Europe.
  • 1 x Gardena Master Unit 1000 Pressure Reducer with Tap Adaptor
  • 20 metre Gardena Micro Supply Pipe 4.6mm
  • 10 x Gardena Pipe Pegs 4.6mm
  • 15 x Gardena 2LPH In-line Pressure Compensating Drippers 
  • 5 x Gardena Tee Connectors 4.6mm
  • 2 x Gardena Regulation/Shut-Off Valves 4.6mm
  • 5 x Gardean End plugs 4.6mm