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Gardena Drip Irrigation Starter Kit for Terrace - 13400

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  • Precision Drip Irrigation: Designed for exact watering of up to 30 plants in pots and planters, ensuring each receives optimal hydration.
  • Flexible System Expansion: Easily expandable to suit your terrace's evolving layout and plant needs.
  • Diverse Plant Care: Adjustable drippers accommodate various plant water requirements, ensuring optimal growth and health.
  • Simple Setup: Comes complete with all necessary components for quick installation, including regulation valves for segment control.
  • Durable and Eco-Friendly: Manufactured in Europe using high-quality materials for long-lasting, sustainable gardening.

Transform your terrace into a thriving garden with the Gardena Drip Irrigation Starter Kit for Terrace. This comprehensive starter kit is designed to cater to the unique needs of your terrace garden, accommodating up to 30 plants in pots and planters. For more substantial terraces, the kit can be easily extended. The kit combines the efficiency of adjustable and in-line drippers, providing versatile watering options, and ensuring every plant, from flowers to vegetables, receives the precise amount of hydration needed to flourish.

This Gardena drip irrigation kit for the terrace is easy to use and customise. It's eco-friendly, precise, and durable, so you can enjoy a healthy garden with less water and time. Manufactured in Europe using high-quality materials, this kit promises durability and reliability for long-lasting garden enjoyment.

Product Details

  • Equipped with adjustable drippers for tailored watering needs, ranging from 0-15 litres per hour, alongside in-line drippers fixed at 2 litres per hour.
  • Capable of hydrating up to 30 plants, with the flexibility to expand, adapting to your garden's growth or changing design.
  • A unique combination of dripper types addresses the diverse water requirements of different plants, ensuring optimal growth.
  • Includes all components for a quick setup, and can be easily extended when your garden grows.
  • Crafted from premium, durable materials in Europe, designed for sustained use and eco-conscious gardening.
  • 1 x Gardena Master Unit 1000 Pressure Reducer with Tap Adaptor
  • 15 metre Gardena Connecting Pipe 13mm
  • 20 metre Gardena Micro Supply Pipe 4.6mm
  • 5 x Gardena Pipe Pegs 13mm
  • 20 x Gardena Micro Pipe Pegs 4.6mm
  • 10 x Gardena Adjustable Endline Drippers 0-15 LPH
  • 20 x Gardena 2 LPH In-line Drippers
  • 10 x Gardena Reducing Tees 13mm to 4.6mm
  • 5 x Gardena Micro Tee Connectors 4.6mm
  • 2 x Gardena End Stop 13mm
  • 3 x Gardena Shut-Off Valves 4.6mm
  • 5 x Gardena End Plugs 4.6mm
  • 1 x Cleaning Needle