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Gardena Micro Drip Line Starter Set for Planted Rows - 13010

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  • Efficient Drip Irrigation: Comes complete, ready to hydrate your garden's delicate plants with precision and efficiency.
  • Targeted Watering: Features preinstalled self-cleaning drip emitters spaced every 30cm, delivering 1.6 litres of water per hour directly to plant roots.
  • Quick Setup: Designed for fast and easy connection, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.
  • Customisable Layout: Flexible piping allows you to design the irrigation system according to your garden's specific needs.
  • Safeguard Delicate Plants: Optimally waters sensitive plants by focusing on root hydration, ideal for kitchen and ornamental gardens.

Maintaining a beautiful garden is easier with the Gardena Micro-Drip-System Starter Set. This kit is the perfect solution for watering your delicate plants precisely and efficiently. It includes everything you need to set up a simple drip irrigation system, making the process quick and effortless. The system includes 15 metres of self-cleaning drip line that delivers 1.6 litres of water per hour from each emitter directly to the roots of each plant, promoting healthy growth and avoiding damage caused by overhead watering. 

The piping is flexible enough to be placed exactly where it is needed, ensuring that water is delivered to the right spots. The components of the kit are designed for easy and quick installation, allowing you to create a low-maintenance, water-saving irrigation system in no time.

Product Details

  • Everything is included for a quick and easy way to efficiently water planted rows, saving time and water.
  • 15m length 4.6mm self-cleaning drip line with emitters every 30cm, ensuring a steady 1.6 litres/hour output per dripper for targeted root hydration.
  • It connects quickly to a hose end connector and is designed for hassle-free installation and immediate use.
  • Flexible piping allows for personalized system configuration, with all necessary accessories included for securing in your desired layout.
  • 1 x Gardena Master Unit 1000 Pressure reducer
  • 15 metre Gardena Micro Drip Line 4.6mm
  • 15 x Gardena Pipe Pegs 4.6mm
  • 1 x Gardena End plug 4.6mm