Height Adjustable Stake 350mm - 3 Pack


Product Info

The height adjustable stakes are used to install micro jets, sprays and mini sprinklers to garden watering systems. The adjustable height allows for elevating the spray over the top of foliage, up to 35cm tall. Made up of an Asta Stake and a rigid riser, the spike is designed to sit securely in the ground with little movement. Made of UV stable material for a long life. Connects to 4mm micro supply pipe via a threaded 4mm inlet.

Product Details:

  • Adjustable height up to 35cm.
  • Made from tough UV stable material for a long life.
  • Use with mini sprinklers and micro jets.
  • 4mm Inlet - connects to 4mm micro supply pipe.
  • Supplied in packs of 3.

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