Hozelock 2 Way Tap Connector - 2252

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Product Info

The New Hozelock 2 Way Tap Connector is a brilliant addition to any garden tap allowing for two connections to be made quickly and easily. This can be connected directly to most garden taps and comes with various adaptors to suit different sizes (3/4" and 1" BSP threads). 

Convenient for connecting multiple hose pipes or connecting multiple water timers to one outside tap. Each outlet has a separate ergonomic quarter-turn shut-off valve with flow control. The ideal use for the twin tap connector is connecting a single water timer to one outlet, leaving a second outlet free for a garden hose or for filling a watering can.

Product Details:

  • The twin outlet tap connector fits directly to an outdoor garden tap.
  • Great for water timers for automatic watering systems.
  • Removable Hozelock Quick Click connectors.
  • Fits easily to taps with 3/4" and 1" BSP threads.
  • Ergonomic quarter-turn flow control valves.

Simple Install Demo

Hozelock 2 Way Tap Connector Demo

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