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Hozelock Jet 3000 K7 Garden Pump - 7606

  • £124.99
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The Hozelock Jet 3000 K7 Garden Pump is a very high-pressure pump that allows the use of stored rainwater to water the garden. Connect a garden hose to the outlet of the pump easily using a Hozelock hose end connector. Can be used with drip irrigation systems, lawn sprinklers and spray pistols. The high power of this pump (3.5 bar pressure and 3000 litres per hour) allows multiple pieces of watering equipment to be used at any one time. Setup is quick and easy, using a suction hose to draw the water and a garden hose to water the garden. Supplied with all the accessories needed for simple installation.

The Jet 3000 K7 garden pump provides security against burns: both motor and hydraulic circuits are protected by a thermal sensor that turns the pump off in case of high temperature.

Product Details:

  • A ready to use high-pressure jet pump.
  • Fully equipped with a 7m suction hose, an integrated filter, a curved adaptor and a turbo quick connector.
  • Overheating protection for motor and hydraulic circuits.
  • High performances with 3000 L/hr and 3,5 bars pressure.
  • Robust and durable pump with robust plastic housing.
  • 2-Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

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