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Hozelock Mechanical Water Timer - 2210

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The NEW Hozelock Mechanical Controller allows gardeners to quickly and easily set a watering duration of up to 120 minutes. The mechanics is based on an egg timer - simply turn the dial to the desired duration and let it run. It will automatically turn the system off after the selected duration. Ideal for use with garden sprinklers to prevent it from running for longer than necessary - ideal for the forgetful among us.

Easy installation - no complex programming involved and doesn't even require batteries. Just fit to a garden tap, turn the dial and away you go. The Hozelock Mechanical Controller is versatile and can be used for low pressure micro irrigation systems or high pressure garden sprinklers (up to 10 bar). It can also be used to fill up a pond or paddling pool to avoid wasting water.

Product Details:

  • Quick and easy to fit to garden taps.
  • Supplied with adaptors that fit 1", 3/4" and 1/2" BSP threads.
  • Select watering duration of up to 120 minutes.
  • Simple mechanical dial to select duration.
  • No batteries required - simple mechanical operation.
Hozelock Mechanical Water Timer Demo

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