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Hozelock Pro 25 Pot Automatic Watering Kit - 2804

  • £66.99
  • Save £61.00

The Hozelock Pro 25 Pot Automatic Watering Kit is an easy to install automatic watering system for borders, vegetable patches, patio pots, hanging baskets and greenhouse plants. Using sophisticated drip emitters that regulate the release of water via a network of pipes, you can keep your plants healthy with minimal effort. This automatic watering kit comes with two different styles of drippers; a dripper with stake and an end-of-line dripper, both designed to be discreet and accurate. All parts required to install an automatic watering system is included in the kit along with a comprehensive set of installation instructions. This kit also comes with a water timer, perfect for automating daily watering - allowing you to go away on holiday without leaving your plants thirsty.

Product Details:

  • Pro Automatic Watering Kit with all necessary pipe, fittings and emitters - can be extended to meet larger requirements with purchase of additional parts.
  • Now includes the Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus - 2214. Battery powered (batteries not included) water timer attaches direct to garden tap. Simple to program for daily automatic watering. Great for holiday watering.
  • Supplied with 15 metres of 13mm supply pipe. This acts as the main carrier of water around the garden. Extra lengths can be purchased separately.
  • 10 metres of 4mm micro supply pipe, used to connect the drip emitters to the 13mm supply. Flexible and discreet.
  • Comes with 15 x 4LPH drip emitters fitted on stake and 10 x end-of-line drip emitters. Designed to be compact and regulate release of water to plants. More can be purchased separately.
  • End caps, wall fixings, stakes, pipe fittings and instructions are also supplied.
  • 1 x Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus (2214)
  • 1 x Hozelock Pressure Reducer (2760)
  • 15 Metres of Hozelock 13mm Supply Pipe (2764)
  • 10 Metres of Hozelock 4mm Micro Supply Tube (2772)
  • 15 x Hozelock 4LPH Pressure Compensating Spike Drippers (2784)
  • 10 x Hozelock 4LPH Pressure Compensating End of Line Drippers (2785)
  • 2 x 13mm Elbow Connectors (2766)
  • 1 x 13mm T Connector (2767)
  • 2 x 13mm End Sleeves (2769)
  • 10 x 13mm Supply Pipe Stakes (2778)
  • 10 x Tube Adaptors (2770)
  • 10 x 4mm Blanking Plugs (2779)
  • 14 x 4mm T Connectors (2777)
  • 5 x 13mm Wall Clamps (2771)
  • 5 x 4mm Wall Clips (2782)
  • 1 x Hole Punch (2799)

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