MDPE Pipe & Fittings MDPE Reducing Sets - Various Sizes

MDPE Reducing Sets - Various Sizes

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Available for 25mm and 32mm size MDPE pipe to reduce down to smaller sizes. The Plasson Agrifit range of compression fittings is the perfect solution for the connection of polyethylene pipes for irrigation applications. Not for use on potable water. Perfectly watertight, simple to use by hand tightening or with the "Plastic MDPE Fittings Wrench", re-useable, frost and impact resistant.

Typically used to convert MDPE fittings to fit desired pipe. For instance, the MDPE Reducing Set 25mm - 20mm is ideal for joining a length of 25mm MDPE pipe to a length of 20mm MDPE when used with a 25mm MDPE Straight Connector.