Rain Bird 3/4" BSP Large Capacity Disc Filter 130 Micron


Product Info

This filter provides large filtration capacity for residential and commercial applications. This means less cleaning and lower maintenance costs for the components in your irrigation system. The filter body and cover are made of high impact thermoplastic, rated to withstand water pressure up to 8 bar and temperatures up to 60°C. WIth a flow of 150 litres per minute, this filter is perfect for larger drip irrigation systems and pop up sprinkler systems.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Large disc screen filtration. Ideal for dirty water supplies, particularly effective for water with high organic content.
  • Filtration area of 180cm2. A larger filtration area requires less frequent cleaning, lowering overall maintenance.
  • 3/4" BSP inlet/outlet. Large flow through provides a max flow rate of 150 litres per minute.