Rain Bird 3504 Pop Up Sprinkler

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Product Info

The Rain Bird 3504 pop up sprinkler is an easy to install high-performance lawn sprinkler suitable for residential landscapes. With a short to mid-range single spray jet and a gear-driven head that rotates to spread the water. Adjustments can be made to the arc and to the radius of coverage with just a flat-bladed screwdriver. The rotation of the jet can be set from 40° arc through to a full circle coverage (360° arc). This high-performance pop-up sprinkler comes with a choice of six rain curtain nozzles for choosing the flow rate and distance of water spread. The radius of the jet spray can be set from 4.6 metres up to 10 metres. Please see technical details for information on performance. A heavy-duty spring retracts the pop up into the lawn when not in operation.

Product Details:

  • Gear-driven rotor head with a quick and easy arc adjustment (40-360 degrees).
  • Even water distribution using Rain Bird rain curtain design.
  • Short to mid-range coverage for lawn areas (4.6m-10m*)
  • Easy installation and maintenance with a self-lubricating gear-driven head.
  • 1/2" female BSP threaded inlet (bottom).
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel spring assures flush retraction, every time.

Note: Performance-based on water flow and pressure. Min pressure req. 1.7bar.

Download Performance Details and Instructions

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