Rain Bird Anti-Leak Elbow Connector


Product Info

The Rain Bird Anti-Leak Elbow Connector can be used to bypass obstructions and navigate the garden without bending or kinking LDPE pipe. This helps keep your installation neat and tidy. 

The Rain Bird range of anti-leak fittings feature a small internal barb insert and locking nuts to secure LDPE pipe tightly to the joint. This ensures a secure connection and prevents any problems with high-pressure spikes or leaks. Great for tradesman looking for a reliable range of fittings for their installations. Can be used for LDPE pipe and Drip Line between 13mm-14mm I.D (16mm-17mm O.D.). 

The locking nut and internal barb can also be removed to reveal a 3/4" male BSP thread, great for adapting these fittings with other types of connections, expanding the combinations possible and simplifying installation even further.

Product Details:

  • Elbow is used to avoid obstacles and making 90° turns.
  • Great for use with Drip Line and other micro-irrigation systems.
  • Locking nuts for a tight, secure connection.
  • Suits 13mm-14mm I.D. LDPE pipe (16mm-17mm O.D.).
  • Removable nut and barb insert reveal 3/4" male BSP thread.

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