Rain Bird Anti-Leak Tee Connector


Product Info

The Rain Bird Anti-Leak Tee Connector enables the coupling of three LDPE tube sections in a tee shape. This allows you branch off extra lines off the main suppy tube, or for splitting the flow of water in different directions.

The Rain Bird range of anti-leak fittings feature a small internal barb insert and locking nuts to secure LDPE pipe tightly to the joint. This ensures a secure connection and prevents any problems with high-pressure spikes or leaks. Great for tradesman looking for a reliable range of fittings for their installations. Can be used for LDPE pipe and Drip Line between 13mm-14mm I.D (16mm-17mm O.D.). 

The locking nut and internal barb can also be removed to reveal a 3/4" male BSP thread, great for adapting these fittings with other types of connections, expanding the combinations possible and simplifying installation even further.

Product Details:

  • Tee is used for splitting pipe in two directions and making lateral runs.
  • Great for use with Drip Line and other micro-irrigation systems.
  • Locking nuts for a tight, secure connection.
  • Suits 13mm-14mm I.D. LDPE pipe (16mm-17mm O.D.).
  • Removable nut and barb insert reveal 3/4" male BSP thread.

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