Rain Bird Maxi-Paw Pop Up Impact Sprinkler

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Product Info

The Rain Bird Maxi-Paw pop up sprinkler's powerful throw allows for a maximum water coverage of 13.6 metres whilst offering a superior close-in watering and uniform water distribution. This is a tough and reliable sprinkler that will offer trouble-free lawn watering year after year. The sprinkler head is an impact sprinkler that retracts into a heavy-duty closed case during inactivity.

Adjustments to the arc and the radius can be made quickly and easily. Set the arc to spray in either a part circle (20°-340°) or to a full-circle (360°), and change the radius by choosing one of 5 colour coded nozzles (9 metres to 13.6 metres). Please see technical details for information on performance. 

Product Details:

  • Serviceable through the top of the case.
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures a long life.
  • Adjustable arc, either full circle or part circle.
  • 5 interchangeable nozzles for setting the radius.
  • Quick and easy installation and adjustment.

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