Rain Bird Root Watering System - Medium

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Product Info

Rain Birds Root Watering System allows vital nutrients, oxygen and water to be delivered directly to the root system of your plants. It achieves this by being installed below the ground and having a 0.95 litres per minute pressure compensating emitter preinstalled. This, coupled with the semi-rigid mesh tube body allows the Rain Bird Root Watering System to deliver a controlled flow of water directly to where it is needed most.

The Root Watering System comes with a swing pipe preinstalled making installation as simple as digging a hole large enough for the Root Watering System and attaching the swing pipe to your main hosing.

  • An ideal solution for delivering water and aeration directly to the root area to maximise plant health and increase the growth rate
  • Below grade (beneath the ground) installation delivers a safer and more reliable watering solution as there is no above-ground hardware to be tripped over or damaged
  • Help prevent shallow root growth and minimises water runoff which can damage the surrounding garden

Product Features:

  • 10.2cm diameter vandal-resistant top cap with locking grate
  • 45.7cm (18 inches) semi-rigid mesh body which can be filled with gravel to reduce soil ingress and prevent distortion of the Root Water System by root growth
  • Comes pre-installed with a 0.95 litre per minute pressure compensating drip emitter
  • Pre-fitted with a spiral barb elbow for easy installation of Swing Pipe.
  • Delivers water directly to the root ball and adjacent soil and is a perfect supplement to top-down irrigation
  • Ideal for medium-sized plants and trees