Rain Bird VAN Series 4" Pop Up Sprinklers


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Chosen for its reliability, heavy-duty materials and versatility, the 1804 4" pop up sprinkler offers a broad selection of nozzle combinations for watering shrubs, small lawns and irregularly shaped planting areas. Precision spray heads and nozzles customize your watering system to cover virtually any configuration lawn or garden - not the path or driveway!

The 1800 Series offers Rain Bird's patented pop-up mechanism for out-of-sight retraction into the lawn when not in operation, full and partial-circle coverage and infinite pattern adjustment for optimum head-to-head coverage.

Supplied with a VAN series variable arc nozzle of your choice (1.2m to 5.5m). The nozzle's spray pattern is easy to adjust, quite simply twist the head to change the spray from 30° to 360°*. Reduction of the spray radius can be done by using a flat-bladed screwdriver and tightening the screw at the top. The pop up sprinkler is also supplied with a removable filter to prevent dirty water from causing any problems.

*1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m nozzles have a spray pattern between 30° to 330°

Product Details:

  • 1/2" BSP female threaded inlet.
  • Choose from one of seven nozzles depending on coverage required.
  • Easy nozzle adjustment for changing radius and arc.
  • Ratcheting on all models for easy nozzle alignment.
  • Exclusive pressure-activated, multi-function wiper seal.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel spring assures flush retraction, every time.
  • Flow and radius adjustment screw.

Please note the performance of the pop up sprinkler is based on water pressure and flow, please see the performance chart in the technical specification for more information.

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