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Rain Bird ZA84 Garden Tap Water Timer

  • £48.99

Use the Rain Bird ZA84 garden tap water timer to automatically control garden watering systems quickly and easily directly from the tap. Featuring a large LCD screen and a large simple programming dial, setting up your watering schedules is easy. Program up to two watering cycles per day on any days of the week, and use the manual watering to override programs instantly when desired. Specific rain delay up to 96 hours can also be set without affecting the stored programs. Irrigation time can be set from 1 minute to 6 hours.

Product Details:

  • Large LCD screen and programming dial makes scheduling quick and easy.
  • Battery powered with 2 x AA alkaline batteries - lasts an entire season.
  • Set irrigation times from 1 minute to 6 hours, up to twice per day.
  • Manual override for rain delay or instant watering.
  • Can be set to any days of the week (1-7 days).
  • Fits to standard garden taps quickly and easily.

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