Soaker Hose 100m - 13mm

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Product Info

Soaker hose is used in flower beds, hedgerows, vegetable patches and borders to gently water plants. Soaker hose is a porous pipe that releases water along its entire length, giving a deep soaking action. For best results, cover pipe over with mulch. This can be connected to 13mm irrigation supply pipe and can use standard 13mm irrigation fittings. Compatible with Hozelock watering systems.

Key Features

  • 100 Metre length of soaker hose.
  • Also known as porous hose and leaky pipe.
  • Provides a deep soaking/watering action.
  • Easy to Cut and join lengths together.
  • Ideal for borders, hedges and long runs.
  • Can be connected or adapted using 13mm irrigation supply pipe connectors, elbows, tee, stops and joiners.
  • For best results, cover with mulch.

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